Tuesday, August 24, 2010


these late summer blueberries from michigan are sooooo fucking bitter...not the best taste to have in my mouth while attempting to celebrate the beginning of something fabulous that is happening in my world....but perhaps totally apropos.
what happens to you when something you want to happen materializes?  if you're the lady gaga, you take over the world.  me?  i mentally reverse-engineer my eventual fall from grace before i've even STARTED my rise to glory. and, i have to literally reverse-engineer my project to understand how it began.
the entire reason it's good (to me, that is) is because i wasn't thinking when i started it - i was just doing.  and if reason is involved, then it can't be art, right?  stop thinking, just do.
gaga says to make the lie, and tell the lie so many times that it becomes the truth, and when it becomes the truth embrace it and make it your mantra. 

i am good.

now get to work, woman! 

but you, Michigan,....seriously....stop with the blueberries.  you have no idea what you're doing.