Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playoff Socks

If you love someone, set them free?  Me thinks not.  Make them cashmere/merino socks and keep them and their feet loved and cuddled!  This yarn is so soft and strong, and gets better when washed, believe it or not!

Guys size 10 – 11” foot circumference, Slouchy ankle
Gauge: 8st x 11r = 1"
Yarn: 1 hank (325m/115g)
 Handmaiden Casbah  (81% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon,
9% Cashmere) 
colorway: Cedar
Best price/customer service/color selection/fastest shipping online:
It got from coast to coast in less than 48 hours, people.  Unheard of!
(Evelyn will even wind the hank for you for $2! But this may change how fast you receive your order, of course.)

I paid for that service a few years ago for a 1200yd skein of Claudia's Handpainted Silk Lace.  Thought that was a good deal at the time, especially given that I had never worked with lace yarn...thread, really, and that I didn't have a yarn swift. 

Then I learned that I cannot trust a center-pull ball. 

I now have to wind yarn myself, by hand.  I am OCD, and need to know every inch of yarn before I attempt anything with it.  No time for hidden knots, inexplicable joins that alter a color-change sequence, etc. while you're in the middle of a project. 

Best to find the problems ahead of time - and Casbah had no problems from hank to chair-back to needles to wash to wear, which is delightful, especially after some of the major annoyances I've been dealing with in other skeins and hanks from other companies.

Working on non-fun socks for myself cuz my feet are froze, and I have 1 ball of K1C2 ty dy socks that's left to go.



  1. i can personally attest to the fact that these are the best socks ever; never have a pair fit so perfectly and felt so good!

  2. i will sooooo be making more of these for 2011 season, won't i?!